Saturday, June 26, 2010

WE HAVE MERCH! (kinda)

so after a lot of hard hard work "tenet" is finally up for download and for purchase.
you can find the digital download at our band camp and a physical copy at the Olhar De vidro big cartel. or you can just pick one up at one of our upcoming shows =)

we have made a first run of 25 tapes and 25 cds.
much love,

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Papa Sounds here. So, it has been brought to my attention that there are people who actually are interested in the lyrics of the songs. Mostly we try and let the NATURE of our music convey it's message and the lyrics are secondary, but in spite of this I will do my best to document and organize the calculated thoughts and covulsed glossalalia that make up my lyrics. Every song with lyrics (with the excpetion of "go deftly") will be covered on this post. Most songs are lyrically 1 dimensional and require no explanation. I will write my current interpretation of the meaning of the important lyrics to prevent any "mystery". Fuck inflexible systematic belief systems. punx.


I can see the bird on the branch, on the tree that lies within.

Comments: Instead of saying, "there is a bird on the branch of that tree over there", Hopi indians would say something along the lines of "i can see the bird the bird on the tree that lies within." They didn't believe in external reality. Their Universe dwelled within.

She is Like Tomorrow:

Today, I saw the smoke and oxygen I blew away.
Red eyes from spores, through the soul and body mind explored.
You came into the flame.

When I came to/too, everything I thought I knew fell through
Red eyes from spores, ego body wither into mold
Cold explored and in the end it was

Comments: "She is Like Tomorrow" means something very profound to ME and maybe to you as well, if you permit the time and the patience to forgive the cliche of this. Simply, Tomorrow never comes. You always live today as fresh or as stale you decide. I digress. It is about coming to realize such things about certain people and things in general. When your expectancies cease to give you the false sense of security your ego demands. When you realize that your perception is a gamble.

It can even mean putting things aside for tomorrow because you are too lazy or afraid to do things today. It could mean waiting for that girl/guy of your dreams that doesn't exist while missing out on the things that are much better for you. It can mean searching for that ultimate high. Whatever. Point is,don't be so comfortable in your beliefs because once you are cozy in your whimsical pseudo-factual prison you stop thinking.


These words are for you. I cant explain what it means to be your friend. I can see all the days be your morrow

Comments: words of praise to a good friend

Thats So Joseph McCarthy:

Fuck no, I wont let you put another mask on me when I cant take this one off
Paper mache, paper mache, easy to build easy to burn.

Comments: umm duuhh. fuck people who pigeon hole others, especially in attempts to black list them.

A as in sAtAn:

I wasn't kidding when I said I would haunt your dreams
You must for give me for my honesty
You will regret me, not as much as I regret you
You will forget me, not before I forget you

I may be selfish but at least I'm not so full of shit

Im passively agressive now, you wish you never CAME.

You will regret me, not as much as I regret you.
You will forget me, not before I forget you

I may be selfish but at least IM not so full of shit.

Comments: ask me the for the back story if you care to hear a raunchy tale of sex and lies.

The Jealous Sea:

Threw the captain over board
He was kissing you lady
Down he goes
Down he goes

Comments: We can talk about this personally as well if you desire.


Love, turn me away
So, easy to play
This song it ain't about you
Don't you think that it is
The only thing I want
Your illegitimate bliss
The hole inside my head
matches the one in my heart

NO. If you think you could ever steal my faith again.

Comments: Being bipolar is in the nature of colorchromatic, this song is a microcosm of that. It's a song about someone, without having to take the responsibility of telling them or them never realize it. Like telling someone that they hate when someone does something but its just an insinuation of them doing that thing you hate. I have also been easily swindled into feelings in the past. It sucks. This is expressed in this. Another one down. 3 to go.

That one screamo song that we can't name:

My hands are empty, my mind is open
IM trying to believe what I cannot understand
To say that you know me is a fucking lie
To say the you know me, is to say nothing at all
To say you know me, is to mean that you know yourself
To say you know me means

Comments: I wrote these lyrics in 15 minutes. The map is the territory.

LSD fingerBANG:

Comments: Will post later. I can't remember them right now. The song is about The Franklin Scandal. LOok it up.

What Dying Feels Like in a Dream:

Always Tripping
Always Lifting
Never resting
Never resting
I don' give a FUCK
Do I really?
Faith in something
Just as nothing.

Live on to tell the tale I have recieved
Take yours, and stand alone.

Let go of all your fears of all regret
forgive don't forget

Comments: My mind is tired. The more I type the more I realize that most of these songs are about the same thing. Sex, drugs and rock n roll. Not really, hope you catch that.

To conclude this post I would like to recommend some authors that have influenced me; Robert Anton Wilson, Terrence McKenna, Alfed Korzybski, Carl Jung, Marshall Mcluhan, Douglas Hofstadter, Emma Goldman, Shirley Blackwell Lawrence and READ THE LAW OF ONE(RA MATERIAL).

These authors have influenced me, not the ideals of the band as a whole. Everyone else in the band has their very personal and sacred view.

All these authors have stuff available for FREE online. search their names and pdf files. Much love.

Believe nothing.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


so, i really suck at documenting anything this band does. so fuck it...

recording went great.
we have release dates in the works, and a pre order at olhar de vidro records will be up soon

dont look at our myspace anymore, that shit fucking sucks. i have no idea how to post shows there anymore so from here on out i will be posting shows here and on facebook.

upcoming shows

may 13th Mcworld w/ Antilles, Agosto Espias, Mountain Asleep, wilderness
may 29th in riverside TBA
june 10 Mcwold w/dangers, soul control, another breath, forming
june 24th HYDEparkWHOLE w/letlive and wilderness
june 26th TBA in riverside
june 27th TBA w/Big Kids, 1994!, summer vacation
july 3rd TBA with Pianos become the teeth, Agosto Espias
Aug 13th TBA w/Comadre, Glasses, calculator
aug 19th ECHO CURIO w/TBA

possible summer tour. will keep you posted.

shows will be updated as needed. events will be made on facebook. if you are not are friend on face book you need to get on it. thank you.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

day 2/3

day two. bass finished.. got naked at the earth capitol and freaked out alex and ate more hummos then any should eat in one day. started clean/light distorted guitar. SIQ BRO!

day three. finished guitar, finished a lot of vocals. only one more day left.

its looking like we are going to do a mid may release, we might do a limited run of tape pre orders, followed with two or three release shows. i am not 100 percent sure....

but what i can say is...

ColorChromatic-full length, title TBA
1. pray
2. she is like tomorrow
3. a sloth amongst chen
4. go deftly
5. thats just so joseph McCarthy
6. A is for SATAN
7. the jealous sea
8. Ceviche
9. untitled
10. LSDfingerbang
11. what dying feels like in a dream

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recording at the earth capital [day one]

today we finally started recording.
we started the day off at 7am, got things in order.
loki and i ate a hearty breakfast, and we were off to downtown LA. after months and months of planning, and months and months of failing. we are underway. drums are finished and are being mixed down as we speak

Record release dates will be posted, we will be releasing 50 cds, and 25 tapes. vinyl was our goal, but due to the high demand of money.... fuck that shit(for now). hopefully we will go on a late summer tour, venture the vast lands of the americas.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

joy division

we are starting to demo on monday.
writing is pretty much done... its all about polishing it all up.

keep you posted.
but probably not.


Monday, December 14, 2009

"weekend warrior" tour 2009

if you guys are in any of the surrounding areas come out and have fun with us;)

dec. 17th FRESNO @the cyc w/ letlive
dec. 18th OAKLAND @ the hive house w/TIGON and DEAD MAN
dec. 19th SAN FRANCISCO @ the hard house w/Ordstro
dec. 20th Los Angeles @ jeff haus w/calculator, august spies, summer vacation, +more

The "weekend warrior" tour will be the last time we come out for a while. not until we are totally one hundred percent finished with the record.

plans are as follows:
demoing with mark chen.
300-500 records.
first real olhar de vidro records/KYEO speaks split release.
no cds.
awesome art.
recording with the amazing chris candy of Chotto Ghetto .

the demos will be made into "weekend warrior" tour tapes limited to 20-30 tapes, there MIGHT be a t-shirt to go along with these...hopefully.

as far as other shows coming up we are playing Dec. 30th with Calculator, Deers!, Ordstro, Matsuri & burn idols @ hyde park half**, jan 2nd with OH!CANADA at L'Keg & Jan. 9th with The Max Levine Ensemble & Summer Vacation at Hyde Park Half**.

**you should all check out Hyde Park Half. Get up and get involved.. "this music is too easy to play" and this is our chance to make a change.